Enterprise mailbox

High standard of receiving mail, data encryption, authority security certification, trusted by well-known enterprises, pure without advertising. Get the best email experience with advanced mailbox features.

Secure and professional enterprise cloud mailbox

Global Mailbox - Standard Edition

Global mailbox - Standard Edition for small and medium-sized enterprises, with simple and powerful functions. Use the enterprise's custom email address to establish a professional brand image for the enterprise.

Global Mailbox - Professional Edition

Post office suite for enterprises, providing powerful functions such as sharing contacts, tasks, calendars and files. Support mobile and tablet access.

Buy extra storage block

Storage block(1=5GB) 1-20 pcs 21-50 pcs 51-100 pcs 101-200 pcs 201 pcs+
Standard $1.00/pcs $0.90/pcs $0.80/pcs $0.70/pcs $0.60/pcs
Professional $0.75/pcs $0.70/pcs $0.65/pcs $0.60/pcs $0.55/pcs

Six reasons for choosing us

  • Ample space

    5GB file storage space NetApp's fas3240 storage system ensures 99.999% uptime, powerful architecture ensures data security, and you don't have to worry about insufficient storage space. Now you can increase the size of your single space by purchasing additional 5GB storage space.

  • Support social networking features

    For customers who need email and social media functions: customers can easily collaborate with team members through the post office system to send and receive emails.

  • Mobility

    Synchronous mobile terminal can check email anytime and anywhere, which is applicable to Saipan, iPhone, Android, windows mobile mail app.

  • Safe and stable

    Independently designed computer room - ensure excellent stability, expansibility and security. Our computer room adopts the most advanced HVAC architecture, network switch and the latest hardware. These advantages ensure good website running time.

  • Rich functions

    Support Chinese / English search, email body translation, IMAP / pop and other protocols, mobile client, fast speed, regular sending, delayed sending, email filtering, entrusting others to process email, email withdrawal, anti spam setting, mass sending single display, etc.

  • 7 * 24 technical support

    We are committed to providing you with the best customer service. 7x24 hours, you can contact us by email, telephone and work order. We have excellent technical support team to ensure good service quality.

Corporate email FAQs

  • What are the benefits of buying a business post office?

    By purchasing a business email package, you will enjoy our advanced email technology, giving you the lowest latency response and the industry's best uptime, scalability and reliability. Email service offering cloud storage also means no hardware, software, bandwidth or human costs, just by a simple payment method.
  • Compared with personal mailboxes, what are the outstanding features of corporate post offices?

    The corporate post office has many features that are not available in personal mail. Such as, shared calendar, global contacts, shared document management, shared task management, mobile device synchronization, MS Outlook and MAC OSX, etc.
  • How to use the web version of Post Office?

    You can access the web version of the Post Office via the secure link: http://webmail.yourdomainname.com. Once on the login page, you can log in with your registered email and password.
  • What is the policy on spam?

    We have zero tolerance for behaviors such as mass mailing and spam. Accounts will be terminated with or without notice for any user who sends spam. It is recommended not to use sensitive and promotional texts similar to the following (similar to English words): free, discount, special offer, special price, low price, cheap, video, making money, mass distribution, making a fortune, getting rich, opening on behalf of others, salary, Friends, payment, business opportunities, treasures, collections, secrets, intelligence, top secrets, mysteries, etc.
  1. What are the benefits of buying a business post office?

  2. Compared with personal mailboxes, what are the outstanding features of corporate post offices?

  3. How to use the web version of Post Office?

  4. What is the policy on spam?

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