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Domain Dropcatch And Backorder FAQs

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1. What is Dropcatch? Will dropcatch be successful?

Dropcatch refers to backorder a expired domain before it is deleted. At the moment the domain name is deleted, system automatically submits registration through registration interface, which is usually completed within 0.1 seconds.
According to your own budget and domain quality, choose right backorder channel.
For general domain names, the success rate can reach more than 98%.
For good domain names, the success rate can reach more than 90%.

2. After the dropcatch is successful, do I still need to participate domain auction?

After the dropcatch is successful, if only you backordered the domain name, you do not need to participate domain auction, and you directly win the domain, otherwise, the domain will be put in an auction, and the highest bidder wins it.

3. Will DOMAIN NAME PTE. LTD. participate in domain auction?

We promise all users:
We will never participate in any domain auction in DOMAIN NAME PTE. LTD..

4. If the dropcatch is unsuccessful, will the deposit be refunded? 

If the dropcatch is unsuccessful, no fees will be charged, and the deposit will be refunded in full.

5. Which is domain registrar after the dropcatch is successful?

We are not sure about the domain registrar after the dropcatch is successful, because we use multiple registrar interfaces for you. If one registrar interface successfully dropcatch the domain, the domain is under that registrar.

6. How to manage domain names that have been successfully dropcatched?

You don’t need to worry about this issues. All successfully dropcatched domain name can be managed here, and you can modify DNS, resolve IP, etc., and you can also transfer the domain out after 2 months of you winning it.

7. Will successfully dropcatched domain’s registration date be continued?

Whether domain registration date continued or not depends on domain name deletion type. For details, please refer to description for domain deletion type.

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